Desert Garden Update


The greenhouse has many of the sections removed. Mostly around the bottom but two holes also are on top.


The kale seeds that developed from the winter are sprouting.

IMG_6990 This area was covered in thick bermuda grass last year. Over the winter a mulch pile decomposed on top and smothered the weeds. You can put a strip of soil on top of the ground. Add blood meal, bone meal, sulfur and gypsum. Then put your drip line in. Then cover with about 5 feet of mulch or more. Scrap off the mulch and put it over your next section of bermuda grass. You can plant seeds once you hit soil. Once the seeds sprout cover the area with 3-inches of mulch.

IMG_6989The area where the drip line is springs to life in a sea of mulch.




We used the chop and drop method in our pool sunken garden. The lettuce plants grew large and produced many seeds. We will bury the wet plants with mulch to store in the moisture and give our worms food.




Chop and drop



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