Another Garden of Ikeda FarmScape Design

IMG_4436This family in Las Vegas has Garden of Ikeda stop by twice a week in order to design their backyard garden. The deep mulch helps protect the seedlings from the wind. Nutrients and water flow through the mulch and pool in the clay below. The plants are grown in pockets of soil enriched with organic fertilizer and sulfur. There is four sprayers to get the seeds started and drip lines in each grow hole. The small close to the ground holes or basins let out less water and are easier to weed compared to a large earth exposed garden.

The entire backyard is no covered in mulch. This helps the trees grow. It also keeps the wind and dust down. It keeps the water in and it doesn’t retain heat the way rocks do.



IMG_4427Cinder does not block weeds.

IMG_4440We tied the garden irrigation into the landscaping irrigation.

IMG_4410Wood chips are the best outdoor ground cover…

Call 702-960-3683 or email and let Garden of Ikeda grow a garden in your backyard.

Your $100 initial consultation goes towards your $300/month service. You pay for supplies which are usually less than $500. We supply the seeds and the plants. We come to your house in the morning or afternoon 2 times per week.


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