Seed Saving in Las Vegas

IMG_3866Garden of Ikeda’s mustard greens (Brassica juncea) seeds are ready to harvest after growing all winter. The kale is next. We’ve been harvesting and replanting sweet peas for the last month or two. The Swiss Chard seeds will be ready in one month they are about to flower now. They’ve been growing all winter and were planted all at the same time.


Make sure the seeds aren’t from hybrid or GMO plants.


We also thinned out one of the grow holes. A grow hole is a basin surrounded by 2 feet of mulch. The exposed soil is seeded densely. A sprayer keeps the whole area wet and the surrounding mulch creates a tea as water drips through into the clay basin with 6-inches of top soil. A shovel is used to dig up the grow hole. The clods of dirt with plants are transplanted to an area with space to grow.


An area in the re-purposed pool basin was prepared for the transplant clod. A shovel was used to scrape the skin of the Earth or mulch off and into a crater surrounding the hole or basin. Don’t let the mulch (skin) mix into the blood (soil). Otherwise your plants will look green since Nitrogen is tied up in the initial break down. Eventually you’ll get a net positive nutrient level. IMG_3867

The mulch, sulfur, bone meal, blood meal make the Swiss Chard grow huge.

We are seeing if plants will grow in wet wood chips, bone meal, blood meal, and sulfur.

The hugelkultur experiment is cheating with some water sprayers. If nothing else the pile of wood chips, logs, manure, and top soil will suffocate the 6-inch deep Burmuda roots which are maybe bringing water to the bottom of the pile from deep underground roots. This speeds their demise. There is water below Las Vegas it means the meadows in Spanish.

The drip line does not get enough pressure. We need a new timer valve from Orbit. IMG_3841IMG_3864IMG_3858IMG_3861


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